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Our company name was inspired by the English expression “deep breath”. In the midst of our busy lifestyles we want to provide products that enable people to take a moment to pause a little, breathe deeply and relax.

We humans spend approximately one third of our lives asleep. It is this time of relaxation that enables us to de-stress, delay the ageing process and strengthen our immune systems. It is this sleep that inspires the energy and dynamism to enable us to withstand the everyday pressures and stresses of modern society.

D-Breath has created a line up of products with the aim of enhancing the quality of our customers’ sleep. We take care to produce each individual item with the pleasure of our customers in mind hoping that they will treasure our blankets for many years to come. We also pay attention to the commerciality of our products, ensuring that high quality, superior products are made available to our customers at a fair price.

With the aim of giving peace of mind through careful production we only sell products that meet the extremely high standards of quality control experts and take great pride in the diligence and integrity of our brand.

D-Breath Co. Ltd President Tokuhide Imai

Company profile

Company Name D-Breath Co. Ltd
Representative President Tokuhide Imai
Location NihonbasiTS Building 4F, 11-6 Nihombashihisamatsucho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0005, Japan
Telephone no. +81-3-6661-7373
Facsimile no. +81-3-6661-7397