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About the material

Thermo 2000 Ultra Soft

We use flat filament rectangular cross- section acrylic fibre combined with circular cross-section rayon to create our ultra soft, moisture absorbent, heat generating thermal fabric “Thermo 2000 Ultra Soft”. Developed over a 10 year period by textile craftsmen intent on creating the warmest, softest blankets, this fabric is something incredibly special. The flat filament rectangular cross-section acrylic, of average fineness 1.7 denier, lends an enhanced flexibility where the circular cross-section rayon of average fineness 2.2 denier gives moisture absorbing and heat generating qualities. The combination of these two very distinct elements gives rise to air space between the fibres and makes the fabric thermally insulating.

  • The soft blanket hugs the body and absorbs any moisture from sweat meaning that, in a very short time, the body becomes incredibly warm and cosy.
  • The highly thermal insulating quality of the blanket means that any warmth generated is held in the fibres and maintained.

Please view our video of the product’s heat generating characteristics. (You Tube)

Lightweight blankets that are washable in domestic washing machines

Lightweight, durable material

Flexible, moisture absorbing, thermally insulating “Thermo 2000 Ultra Soft” is an ultra lightweight material. The blankets have a full, plump touch but are also incredibly light.
The blankets are washable in domestic washing machines so can be freshened up at any time.