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About the technique

CALDO NIDO - the production process

An “intimate finish” - a very Japanese technique!

Izumiotsu, Osaka prefecture - a city with over 120 years of blanket manufacturing experience. Techniques and knowledge that could change the understanding of blanket manufacturing around the world are in the very DNA of the history of this city. To bring out the absolute best of the fabric is the calling of the Japanese craftsman and it is this dedication that has engendered the incredible soft touch of the CALDO NIDO collection.

The deciding factor in the softness of the blankets is the production process (which consists of fibre handling, polishing, shearling) - over 50 individual processes for the blanket (throw) and over 40 individual processes for the mattress blanket (to be used on top of the mattress for extra warmth). The craftsmen, in the pursuit of the ultimate in soft touch, have developed processes that are repeated time and time again to give rise to a truly amazing softness and smoothness. This uncompromising approach could only be the work of Japanese master craftsmen.