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Product features

CALDO NIDO pursues the ultimate in quality in every aspect of design, materials and craftsmanship.

About the design

The design is the creation of Italian designer Laura Santi. The beautiful effect resembling a sparkling aurora in the night sky inspired the name “Premium Aurora”.[Please click here for details]

About the material

We use flat filament rectangular cross- section acrylic fibre combined with circular cross-section rayon to create our ultra soft, moisture absorbent, heat generating thermal fabric “Thermo 2000 Ultra Soft”. Developed over a 10 year period by textile craftsmen intent on creating the warmest, softest blankets, this fabric is something incredibly special.[Please click here for details]

About the technique

Izumiotsu, Osaka prefecture - a city with over 120 years of blanket manufacturing experience. Techniques and knowledge that could change the understanding of blanket manufacturing around the world are in the very DNA of the history of this city. To bring out the absolute best of the fabric is the calling of the Japanese craftsman and it is this dedication that has engendered the incredible soft touch of the CALDO NIDO collection.[Please click here for details]